Would you like to be the woman in this sketch?

In the past I have used family members as models except for the painting of the pilgrim girl who was a reenacter at Plimoth Plantation, MA ( yes, that is how they spell it ). With this project it will be necessary for me to branch out and find someone outside my immediate circle of acquaintances. Above is a sketch of the image that I wish to recreate in oil preferably on a large canvas. The problem in all this is, as an amateur artist, I really do not have the means to pay a model for their time. However, if you are someone who is looking for something different to do with a day in your life, or if you like the idea of being the subject of a painting and can get yourself to the seashore of southern NJ, perhaps you will consider sending me an email and inquiring further. Modeling for this project would consist of a day or two of picture taking during the summer months at a nearby lake. The specific traits that I am looking for are: A reasonably attractive caucasian woman in her 30's or 40's with thick non-blond elbow to waist length hair without noticable bangs, a trim figure and no visible tatoos. Since I realize that this is a tall order and it might take years to find a suitable volunteer there is no timetable for this project. If the oportunity presents itself I will create the painting when time permits. If you think that you would be interested email Neal If possible, please attach a photo of yourself.

Don't have waist length brown hair but still interested in modeling? If you fit the other criteria above send an email and include a photo. If you inspire me, perhaps we could meet and you could pose for some photos that I could sketch from. I can always use the practice.