I am providing these prints for sale to the public
in the hope that aviation art of combat aircraft will
become more accepted in the home and office. Though
there are many excellent aviation artists to date,
their images remain in the battlefield or as detailed
profiles. Created mainly for book illustrations
and museum gift shops, they usually don't survive
long hanging on anyone's wall at home.

World War II aircraft, representing the pinnacle
of American propellor aircraft design, has been
under exposed because of their primary function.
Remove from the image combat backgrounds and
squadron insignia and you are left with graceful
machines that were the technological marvels
of their time. Their form influenced postwar
styling in everything from automobiles to kitchen
appliances. As the men and women who created and
flew in these great aircraft leave us, it is my
hope that these prints will continue to remind us
of their generation's contributions during
both war and peace.